With way over 1000 disciplinary areas to choose from across every functional responsibility subject area, the global learning support provided by within the Situated Learning Orchestration resources spans the entire planet. We know every artisan, small and large scale manufacturing, natural resources induced production facility in the world with the best resources to support the academic knowledge, work skills, and Skills4Industry (life skills) of our students. Our focus on Situated Learning over the years with a supporting technology platform makes the world a learning village. The Edge Program is designed to help students naturally match their competencies with several learning reinforcement sources that become their global program destinations with a clear strategy on what to take and give to every community abroad. More than half of Skills4Industry institutions students must study away before they graduate. Others will go global for service, research, and multidisciplinary investigations through programs like Skills4Industry Edge & Pledge, Skills4Industry Situated Learning service-learning programs. Our Global Education Office advisors are here to help you plan and prepare for international experiential education because with your practical digital transformation skills the world is your Oyster.


Studying away is an important part of your IIAS experience. The Global Education Office for Undergraduates is here to help you connect to the right program that is already aligned with your academic goals, challenges your perspectives, and empowers you to become a Pledged global citizen through Situated Learning.


Skills4Industry Institutions like IIAS administers and supervises global programs like IICS First Ladies of The World. They do this either fully or in partnerships with other institutions. Students earn regular IIAS credits and grades in most cases (transfer credits in some) that count towards curricular requirements.